J Shaw Plans to be the Underdog with the Biggest Bite


Direct and to the point, that’s what the late Tupac’s lyrics were to a young J Shaw, and one of the various reasons he began to love rap music. Of course after catching Method Mean’s scene in The Great White Hype, his love of the game went from a spectator sport to one he couldn’t help but try and participate in. He started releasing his thoughts on paper, soon discovering he had a knack for it. Of course getting started it’s easy, it’s the maintaining that comes with some struggles.


On the low end of the financial spectrum at the time, J Shaw wasn’t thinking too clearly when he decided to deal drugs to make a living. Quickly realizing that lifestyle wouldn’t lead him anywhere but jail, he left for a more traditional path working a series of blue collar jobs. After saving up, he took a huge risk and sold the home he shared with his two kids to focus on his career full time. Jumping in without a true safety net to catch him if he fell, J Shaw worked hard, and round the clock to insure not only his kids would be taken care of, but those musical aspirations would come true.


On top of making music, working alongside Khjuo Goodie from the Atlanta based group Goodie Mob and winning several showcases J Shaw has managed to take his game to the next level by crafting and launching his own groundbreaking music streaming app called Reminizzz. It’s a great idea that teams nostalgic memories with the music they’re listening to. Definitely unlike anything the market has seen, and something many will enjoy in this world that loves #TBT and #FBF.


Musically though, J Shaw continues to create music that he hopes will let him "be known across the world and known as an artist who contributed to hip-hop culture in a positive way." With that, he's formulated his own style he's dubbed Southern Soul which blends chill music with lyrical content detailing the tales of the streets. Always the underdog, J Shaw creates for that audience to show them that life can and will get better. Listeners around the world can hear that sentiment in songs like the hustler anthem "Go Getta" and the unapologetic "Stuntman."


J Shaw knew he wanted to rap after a single performance in a movie pushed him towards writing his own lyrics, but life is never as easy as the one you pen out for yourself on paper. He's rode the struggle bus, gotten off at a few shady spots, but has overcome and moved forward with his music, and his mogul moves with his nostalgic app Reminizzz. He's a man with a mission that's not giving up any time soon.