Dreams Under $20

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Royal Caribbean CruiseRoyal Caribbean CruiseMy mission is to solely make people feel better and let people be people. How, you may ask? To empower people to live their dreams immediately. Whether your dream involves going to that restaurant you never tried before, going to a local hot spot, indulging in your favorite activities, or calling up that distant relative. We all have a dream that’s within arm’s reach and reaching those short term dreams brings much needed joy to your life. You deserve that great feeling of accomplishment!
Taking on the task of living out your small dreams will only propel you into achieving larger goals or dreams you have set for your life. I understand how this can be easier said than done. Life will constantly throw curve balls your way causing you to miss the opportunity of taking action towards your dreams. Too many people get distracted and use their free time to watch Maury for the paternity test results, reality shows spotlighting “SINGLE” women calling themselves housewives of someone with status further brainwashing our generation. Which, nothing is wrong with watching occassionally, but it’s time to give yourself a reward that is “Priceless”.
Challenge yourself today and take the risks to move forward. Invest in your happiness by experiencing this dream for $20 or under. Why that amount? Because we’re not going to let money, or any other excuse, keep you from your well-earned Dream Appointment. However, I understand some dreams may be more expensive than others but the point is to achieve your goal whenever you put your mind to it. So, cheating is definitely allowed with this exercise of “Dreams Under $20”.Royal Caribbean Cruise
Allow yourself to list out three dreams.
Your dream might be spending two extra hours focused solely on your family. Maybe you want to go on a long nature walk or call an old high school friend you haven’t spoken with in years. All of us have at least one dream like that. It’s a dream that makes us smile, and it’s easily within reach, but we don’t allow ourselves to live it. Instead, we keep our dream at bay and march on. But today is your reward day.

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