What do you know about Hip-Hop?

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I bet that you didn't think that it actually dates back all the way to the very early days in the 1920's and it spreads out in a lot of directions from that  time-frame.   Most people believe it is relatively new and it started in the 1970's, as the culture and it's form of hip hop music started to become more popular as did the block parties in New York City, mostly among the African American youth residing in the Bronx.  These parties had DJ's who played popular genres of music, especially funk and soul music.

Well then, how would you dance to this type of music?  Hip-Hop is actually 40 years old and the dancing began to get widely known after a few professional street dance crews formed in the 1970's.   There are a few styles of Hip-Hop and that includes these styles: uprock, breaking, locking, roboting, boogaloo, and popping. Hip-hop dance is not a studio-derived style.  It was developed in urban neighborhoods without any type of formal process.

The most popular form of Hip-Hop that everyone knows is referred to as breaking (commonly called "breakdancing").  Toprocking refers to a type of footwork-oriented dance moves performed while standing up, usually done  before transitioning into other dance moves performed on the floor.  Another style that influenced toprock is uprock, also called rocking or Brooklyn uprock.  Now although it looks similar to toprock, uprock is danced with a partner and can be more aggressive as it involves lots of fancy footwork,  shuffles and movements that mimic fighting.  Locking is characterized by consistently freezing or "locking" in place while dancing.  Another words they stop for a few seconds.  This move was developed accidentally when Don "Campbellock" Campbell paused between dance moves while he was trying to remember the steps to the "Funky Chicken"!

Roboting comes out of California and it is just that.  Acting out like a Robot.  Not everyone has the "knack" of doing it.  This involves very strict straight, stiff movements.  Charles Robot, was inspired by a mime artist and began performing this move on the popular show called "Soul Train".

Boogaloo combines both a style of dance and a style of music.  This dance style, is characterized by rolling hip, knee, and head movements as if the body doesn't have any bones.  Popping's technique is based on quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop or a hit.  Everyone is familiar with Michael Jackson doing the  "Moonwalk"!  That is one of the most recognizable move in Popping.  This is also can be called the backslide.

Party Dancing also known as Hip-hop social dancing, began when hip-hop musical artists started to release songs with an accompanying dance, back in the 1990's.   In a relatively short period of time, hip hop has made a name for itself in the dance culture.  Dance lovers like the fact that it has innovative choreography and style.

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